Trump Sucks
Sugar Coated politics. A limited edition political lollipop. Enjoy showing your friends Trump Sucks and take a moment with Trump that's easier to stomach than any other.
Vodka Selection
A selection of Vodka Edible Cocktails expertly mixed with fresh British fruits and syrups. 6.4% ABV. 6 pieces.
Gin Selection
A selection of London Dry Gin Edible Cocktails enhanced with floral notes. 6% ABV. 6 pieces.
Rum Selection
A selection of Dark Rum Edible Cocktails infused with summer berries and hints of spice. 6.4% ABV. 6 pieces.
Whisky Selection
A selection of Whisky Edible Cocktails with bursts of citrus enhancing the blend. 5.4 % ABV. 6 pieces.
Large Mixed Selection
A box of 12 Edible Cocktails, providing a sharing experience across our range. 12 pieces.
Mixed Selection
The tasting selection of 6 Edible Cocktails ranging across Gin, Whisky and Rum. 6 pieces.
Corporate Gifting
For large quantity orders or if you are looking for bespoke branding.
Gift Package
The ultimate spoil. This gift box is filled with all five of our Edible Cocktail selection boxes, a total of 30 pieces.
Wedding Package
Make a playful statement at your wedding or event with our party favour boxes of 2.

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